Room to Improve

Nov 30, 2013
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Oak Barn Construction are the main contractors on Room to Improve Ep4 which airs on the 8th of December
8th December @ 9.30pm on RTE ONE

Peter Jordan and Anne Kerrigan and their two young daughters have long since outgrown the tiny cottage in Killawalla outside Westport which Peter bought as a single man four years ago.

Desperate for more space, the couple engage Dermot, who much to Anne’s consternation – suggests a separate extension finished in agricultural cladding to match the local rural landscape. Even as construction gets underway, Dermot’s vision of the ‘shed’ – something Anne fears will end up looking like a farm building – remains almost impossible to sell to his clients.

As an old lean-to structure is cleared, a miscalculation involving the slope of the site leaves the new extension nearly a meter below the original cottage, adding thousands of euro in remediation costs to an already tight budget.

Dermot travels by train from Dublin to Mayo for site visits and repeatedly gets collared for free advice by fellow passengers.

Can the architect convince his clients that their new extension won’t end up looking like a cow shed? Can QS Patricia Power convince the builders to soak up the extra costs on a build that’s getting more expensive by the day? And on the final day will Dermot join Peter in his beloved hot tub in the back garden…?

Watch this episode of Room to Improve on the 8th December 9.30pm on RTE ONE.
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