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Georg Peterseil, Architect, B.Arch., MRIAI

For me as an architect working with Oak Barn was one of my best building experiences. Their task was to put up the timber frame, fill the walls with thermal insulation, protect the frame on the outside with sarking board and membrane and on the inside make the whole building structure airtight with a vapour check and plaster board. They also laid the floors out with pvc membrane and thermal insulation.

There are 4 reasons why I would highly recommend them to both architects and clients:
  1. Even in times of the Celtic Tiger they have come and finished their work within the promised time frame.
  2. They bring with them the newest technical knowledge.
  3. They are very open to share their knowledge. Whenever a question arose we would meet on site and through sharing this knowledge and listening we would arrive at the best possible solution.
  4. They work very fast and efficient, yet very accurate when it comes to details.

While it was a delight to work with them, the greatest surprise came with the airtightness test. The result was a passive house, which was not the goal at the outset. The result was 0.7 NEAR passive !

Cuala McGann MRIAI , Conservation Grade llll , European Passive House Designer

It is with pleasure that I provide this testimonial for Vlfillie & Ger McDonagh of Oak Barn Construction.

I have worked with Oak Barn construction on a number of projects to date, including an extensionl renovation to an existing cottage, a new low energy house in timber framed construction and the timber frame construction for our own house (currently on site).

On the first project that we carried out together (completed 2008) I was extremely impressed with their attention to detail and quality of finish. There were nearly no snags at practical completion stage, which is highly unusual and very satisfying as snags can be very upsetting for clients. Therefore our clients were very happy which reflected well on the whole team.

We are in the process of completing a low energy house at the moment. We carried out the final air tightness test last week (testing the ratio of the intemal volume of air that is leaked through the structure in a given period of time- the lower the result the better the air tightnessl quality of the construction) and I am proud to say that we obtained a Q50 result of 0.71 m2lhlm3. This far exceeds the current building regulations (requirement of1O m2/h/m3) and is very close to achieving the Passive Standard of 0.60 air changes per hour. Willie & Ger fitted all the air tightness tapes etc as part of the general construction and have proven that they fully understand the concept of air tightness, its importance in terms of energy efficiency and practical implementation on site.

In my experience, the qualities that distinguish Oak Barn Construction are their interest in sustainable construction methods, openness to new ideas! methods of construction (this area of construction is new to mainstream construction in Ireland & is evolving rapidly) and a desire to achieve excellence in the realisation of a project. I have found that Oak Bam construction are a pleasure to work with and find that they create a team spirit where we are all working on the same side to produce the best possible result for our clients.

I would be very happy to recommend Oak Barn Construction to all!

Yours Sincerely,

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